Session 4 - Journal of Justicar Tillman

The following are the most recent entries in the missing Justicar’s journal as you found it in his office at the end of Session #3:

Journal Entry 4 weeks ago
Our little town is suffering. The Bog Catfish seem to thrive in the increasingly cold waters and longer nights, though our crops are failing. The fish harvest should allow the people of Munson enough surplus to acquire enough other staples to live comfortably through the winter. If there is anything good to come from our fading sun, perhaps that is something. Though if the Gods were to awaken tomorrow and restore the light, I am certain few would complain.

The people of this town are largely strong in the faith and hold onto hope as only people of a simple background can. They are largely free of the petty politics and bickering that has consumed High Temple and the larger cities of our age. From the little I have read from the Archives in High Temple, this trend echoes dangerously of the age of Mankind prior to the Long Night.

Sadly, I am afraid that our Mayor has brought some of the taint of “Civilization” with him from High Temple. Mayor Fenton is not an honest or just man. I am not even certain that he holds any faith with Those Who Sleep. I am certain that he has somehow been skimming from the tax stores as he has been living quite well while the good people of this town seem to suffer more and more.

Some of my contacts in High Temple told me of Fenton’s storied past. Something to do with a murder of a rival house that could not be proven, though Fenton was largely assumed to be responsible. Moving him out here probably y seemed to be the best answer for those who live within High Temple, though it is obvious that neither he nor I nor anyone in Munson would agree. It seems that the leaders of High Temple become more and more short sighted as the years pass and our problems multiply.

Fallsted, an Anarchist town a day’s journey from here has suffered greatly from the short summer. Most of their crops have failed and their refusal to swear allegiance to High Temple will assure that they will receive no help this winter from the stores in High Temple. I fear for them, both in a temporal and spiritual level. I spoke with Mayor Fenton about supplying them with some of Munson’s surplus, but he laughed at the idea of assisting “heathens”. I found it odd that a man like him would use such a term, his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Journal from 3 weeks ago
I just received word from Fallstead that their corps did not fare as badly as they estimated, in fact they are reporting a surplus and expected to weather the winter quite well. They also asked that we not attempt to trade with them till next spring, fearing that we might try to take advantage of their good fortune. I found this odd on several levels:
1. I visited them a month ago and saw that their crops were faltering. There is no way that they could have harvested enough for half of their number let alone to have a surplus.
2. Though they do not hold with our faith, they have always been open to communication and trade with our town, particularly for our trade in fish from our harbor and bogs.

Something is amiss. Fenton will not allow me to take the Watch with me to visit Fallstead. Given the less than friendly air of their last communication, that may be for the best. I will take a trip there on my own tomorrow to see if I can smooth things over.

Session 4 - Journal of Justicar Tillman

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