Session 1 - Decanus Log

Eagle’s Tallon, 3rd Patrol: Decanus Farrington

Two Weeks Previous:
The men’s morale has been uncharacteristically high on this patrol. I can only assume it is due to the fact that we will not be put back on duty at the Northern Inguards for a season. The light threat level posed so close to High Temple seems like a vacation, even out here in the Settlements. Be that as it may, I fear the men may become too complacent.

One week previous:
We made contact with a woman from the town of Munson, which is our next destination. She claimed to have been part of a trading caravan returning from a trip to another nearby village that was waylaid by some Undead in the area. She said that she was able to remain alive by running away in the confusion. Though initially dubious of her claims, the men were more than happy to offer her some protection. Gods help my men if this red headed beauty is any indication of the women in the area. Some may desert to start families if I am not careful.

We found the remains of the caravan, blood was everywhere, but no bodies could be found. Not surprising if we are dealing with Hollows. Our Saltus reported ththe tracks of no more than 5 or 6 creatures that will be easy enough to follow.

After tracking the creatures for an hour, our Saltus returned claiming to have found a clustering of shacks deeper in the woods. From what he could tell, the inhabitants were all Undead with a few Hollows milling about. Sounds like the theory that runaway Marked societies can survive has been proved to be garbage again.

We will send out a force in the morning to slaughter the creatures and then continue on to Munson before meeting up with the 4th, 13th, and 6th Patrols next week.

The next day:
I hate to be proven right on the morning of a skirmish. One of the men that the woman from Munson Township had been flirting with last night is missing with the girl this morning. Looks like we will have to hunt down our amourous Brother once we are in town. I would hate to be him once we return to High Temple, desertion is not treated lightly. After this morning’s ugly business, perhaps we can all find a little comfort in Munson, God’s know we can use it.

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Session 1 - Decanus Log

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