Brynn Malik



In Brynn’s memories, Rowan Island was a small and prosperous island. It was settled by hard-working and honest people who greeted each sunset with a smile and toasted each sunset with a well-earned drink. Through the rose-colored glasses of a 14-year-old girl, it was a friendly and serene place. It was perfect…

…Until they came. A cult worshiping the Neverborn took shape on the Island. The corruption spread unchecked through laborers and tradesmen alike, and it left discontent and discord in its wake. The Cultists rose up as one in the dead of the night and crashed down upon the Island like a tidal wave. They murdered, they looted, and they set fires, instilling a mounting sense of fear, panic, and suspicion in the Islanders. Within three days, by the time the Dawn Patrol arrived to help, the entire Island had descended into chaos. If the Cultists had a goal beyond creating mayhem, the Dawn Patrol managed to stop them before that goal could become clear.

Brynn lost her father and older sister in the chaos. Had the Decanus Brecht Gray Hart been even fifteen minutes longer in reaching them, he would have found a house empty of any life at all; instead, he found the terrified remains of Brynn’s family.

In that moment, Brecht Gray Hart and the trappings of the Dawn Patrol became a light in Brynn’s otherwise very, very dark world. He became a living, breathing symbol of the Church of the New Dawn, and she wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps. Even as young and terrified as she felt in that moment, his mere presence was enough to inspire her to pick up a weapon and join the fight. Afterwards, she joined the ranks of the Numerian as soon as she could.

Working alongside her father in the fishing boats had made her strong for her age, and the Church taught her to wield that strength to save mankind. The Church gave her a purpose. She does not fight to avenge her family – that man, after all, is dead, and it is a sadly common story; she fights now in an effort to stop the Neverborn and their cultists once and for all. Her belief in the Church is blind and unlimited…and that fanaticism can be a dangerous thing on its own.

Brynn Malik

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