Ashen Dreams

Session 1

Session 1: It all Starts with a Nightmare…

Erin Efari dreamed that she was on patrol hunting a deer through the woods. She rested at the foot of 4 statues of the Ancient Gods, however she noted that the face of Hoernir, the god of Knowledge had been intentionally destroyed. Her attention was drawn away from the statues as she heard a sound a little ways off. Following the noise, she saw a Hollow eating a small corpse. Instinctively, she drew her bow and shot the creature with little effect. As the Hollow raised its head and Erin realized that it was her mother and that the dream was of herself as a child. Erin’s hollow mother advanced on her saying “Come here child, I need to open your eyes!” and “I need to show you something, there is something you need to see!”. Upon reaching her, the Hollow drove its thumbs into Erin’s eyes, bursting them and causing her to wake up.

She was rescuded from falling from the crow’s nest she had been performing her watch duties in by Tanner, a Numerian also from the 13th Patrol. After some small talk, Erin and Tanner became aware that the aloof and intensely unpopular Animus, for the 13th Patroll Emilia Hynd was walking below them. Just as Tanner was about to spit on the unsuspecting Animus’ head below Erin tried to stop him…

Brynn (during the same time as above)
Called from the evening’s festivities by Emilia Hynd, Brynn stoically took being treated like a servant in stide. However, a request to be called “sister” by the aloof Animus crossed the line for Brynn who reminded Emilia that she had a real sister and that was not her. Obviously hurt by the exchange, Emilia finished putting on her armor and pulled on her mask to hide her tears started walking away. At that moment, Brynn saw Tanner preparing to spit on the Animus from the crows nest. Brynn whistled In an effort to warn Emilia, but instead drew the attention of the entire camp who saw the spit fall on the Animus’ head.

Seemingly omnicient, Brecht Gray Hart, the Decanus of the patrol immediatly called Brynn, Erin and Tanner into his tent. He continued to verbally berate the trio. He pointed out that they were Flame Brothers and as such would share in his punishment, if not the guilt. As the trio filled in the overfull camp latrines and began to dig new ones, they eavesdropped on a conversation between Brecht and Emilia where effectively berated the Animus to her to “quit acting like a princess” and act in a way that would earn the respect of the Numerian.

Paying respect to the god Gwydian by watching the sunset, Marcus was intruded upon by a Marked child named Liam who had joined the patrol on his pilgrimage to the Asylum. Liam had become somewhat of the camp’s favorite with his childish antics and was given free reign of the camp. After a short conversation Liam departed and Marcus returned to camp.

After most of the camp had become unusually drunk on some wine gifted to the patrol by a local farmer they passed earlier, Marcus noticed that Liam was missing from his tent along with another Marked, a middle aged man from his same village by the name of Jimison. Fearing a false alarm and further beratement from Brecht, Erin (who was pulling double watch duty) was reluctant to notify the rest of the camp. After a failed attempt to scale the ladder to the crows nest by the clumsy Marcus, the general alarm was raised and it was realized that one of the Numerian that was on watch was also missing.

Using her tracking skills Erin deduced that the Numerain was physically overcome and hauled off by two adults (one assumed to be Jimison) accompanied by Liam. Fearing an ambush, Brecht readied the rest of camp and assigned Brynn, Erin, Marcus, Tanner and one other Numerian to follow the tracks and bring back the Marked if possible.

Along the way, they found the remains of the missing Eagle’s Tallon 3rd patrol caravan. Amongst the wreckage, they found the Decanus’ log (see Session 1 – Decanus Log which hinted at the cause of thier dissappearance.

Though the events occured several days previous, the tracks of the missing Dawn Patrol and those of the missing Marked, also going in the same direction were easy to follow. Venturing ahead of the Group Erin unwittingly set off a trap that rang bells in the trees overhead. Further investigation showed that there were several traps like these, but they had been largely neglected over some time. Finding a new hiding spot, Erin came upon several huts near a riverbank. Dead bodies were strewn about the little settlement. She could make out the forms of Jimison and Liam warming themselves by a fire in the middle of the camp. As the rest of the group tried to catch up with Erin, they were set upon by a pack of Skags. During the battle, the Numerian, Inala was struck down while the party killed 5 of the creatures. While saving Liam, Erin shot and killed Jimison and retreated to meet with the rest of the group. As they were about to return to the Dawn Patrol encampment and report, Liam reminded the party that the missing Numerian was still in ruins of the settlement.


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