Those who Slumber

Those who Slumber: Due to their own self-sacrificing actions that saved Mankind from enslavement at the hands of the Neverborn, our Gods suffer through an endless dreaming state. They cannot speak with us directly nor conicously grant us thier blessings, but they are not gone. Far from it. Though the heavens are closed to all, thier dreams have created Dream Realms where the souls of the dead can go to await the awakening of the gods and the reopening of the heavens. With the aid of the Avatars, we can dream with our Creators and even witness the power of the Gods through their chosen priests and priestesses.

The Church tells us that the original divine being was Gwydion, the Sun. As he created the world, he found that he craved the company of others like himself, so he broke his soul into four parts. Keeping the greatest for himself, he used the other three to create his children, gods in thier own right. Into each one, he placed a portion of his knowledge and power and tasked them with being stewards of their respective aspects within the world.

As each of the gods is part of a greater whole, Mankind has been instructed to venerate all of them. However, people tend to have a stronger affinity to one or two of the Gods based on their personal situations. A brief discussion on each of the gods follows:

Gwydion: The Sun, Father of the Dawn, Creator of Light

Ieara: The Life Mother and Great Healer

Hoernier: The All Knowing, The Loregiver

Eostra: Harvest Mother, Queen of the Wilds, Earth Mother

Those who Slumber

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