Dawn Patrols

The world is a dark and dying place, but there are those who refuse to give up hope on Mankind and our future. The Church of the New Dawn organizes these individuals in to Dawn Patrols and tasks them with venturing out into the world and hunting down Hollows, Neverborn Cults, and other threats to Mankind as they are found. They are also tasked with locating any information within the ruins of the world that was that might help identify a solution to the dying world. Their tasks often seem insurmoutable, but if they give up, then there will be no one left to tend the flames of Humanity.

A typical Dawn Patrol consists of the following types of individuals:

Animus: Hands of the Dawn

Maltherian: Bastards of the Neverborn

Decanus: Swords of the Dawn

Signiferi : Voice of the Dawn

Saltus: Eyes and ears of the Dawn

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Dawn Patrols

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