CJ Session 1


Hey Chase.

Don’t have a lot of time tonight. Things have been a bit crazy around here. I’d have been totally OK if getting reamed by Brect for letting – spit on the Animus was the worst thing I had to deal with tonight.

But you remember Liam? I think I told you about him. He’s gone missing. So has Jimmeson. Another one of the marked. We’re tracking them through the woods, I’m sure I can find him. But the trail keeps getting stranger. There’s a Numerian missing from our camp. And then a whole troop of Numerian decimated just miles from where we’re camped.

We’ve been waiting for them. They won’t be coming now.

But it’s the village that’s got me twisting round inside my own head.

The village mom was always looking for? Yeah. That one. We found it. Only it looks like the marked aren’t marked anymore. They’ve transitioned. And Jimmeson had Liam in the middle of it and it wasn’t until I shot Jimmeson and got the kid out that I realized I was supposed to bring them both back alive. But Liam was down there surrounded by them and I . . . it was you, and all I could think was that I had to get to you.

I’ve got him. He’s Ok. But one of my brothers has been killed so we’re down a man and we’ve got the boy in tow. And a Numerian held prisoner back in camp. We can’t leave him. But I can’t leave Liam either. There aren’t enough of us to split up.

I don’ know what to do. and Jimmeson was marked. I shot him and ran with Liam. I didn’t take his head. I’m the only one of us here who’s ever faced anything like this before and I forgot to take his damned head. I’m supposed to be better than this. Saltus are supposed to know what to do.

Would you hate me if I told you I was scared? I don’t dare say that to the others. But I can say it to you. I don’t want to go in there and have to kill her all over again. And again. And again.

I don’t know what to do.


The days have been long, but death has been swift. We have been collecting the marked souls to escort them to their refuge and to their salvation. Part of me wishes for their quick path to salvation, for salvation for them is assured.

Though I have struggled with this for years of my short life, last night I came to the realization that my path for redemption includes others. I was guided by the very hand of the old ones. I must be a righteous acolyte of our young royal priestess. I will continue to treat her with the respect a chosen one deserves. My purpose is to give all that I am to help her grow to be the confident leader she must surely become.

Several of the marked have fled, we have been in continual pursuit of them. With the death that so easily flows through me I fear my lineage, my power. I yet remain dammed. We were able to save the young boy; it turns out that he was kidnapped. There appears to be more going on here. the death have been organized by something. I fear that evil again may have a face, but more than a face I fear the wraith of his flesh, whatever the form it takes.

I hear the screams again.


Journal Entry 1
This is not how I imagined my first battle. Or my first assignment. There is nothing about tonight that happened like it should, and I don’t even know how to begin putting my thoughts to paper, because it’s all happening too fast. Every time I try to organize my thoughts, I think of something else that went wrong tonight.
No, that’s actually not quite right. There’s one thing I keep coming back to, and, somehow, it seems a little worse than all the others. The Old Wolf made me promise to take care of Amelia in his absence. It’s his reason for wanting to protect her that I keep thinking about. Because she’s pure. She has never been in our world of pain, fear, and hunger, where humanity is only just holding on. Her world is… All I could think of as he talked was Rowan Island when I was little and how much it hurt to watch that illusion shatter. And I was one of the lucky ones, because so many people never saw that illusion or lost it so early it’s been forgotten. I should have seen it on my own, and I am so ashamed now that I didn’t. The Commander is right, of course. This is what we’re fighting for. But how am I supposed to protect that innocence when we’re surrounded by so much death and when we have an army of hollows and scags – apparently the first ever – just outside our door? If I can just hold on until he returns…
This mission would be bad enough without that additional weight. At dawn, I am to lead half of our remaining force to Munson. I’m sure he would have assigned another if he had seen me in action tonight. I got Inala killed, and I nearly died myself. Were it not for our Saltus, Erin, I certainly would have. I don’t know how the Old Wolf can keep an entire Tallon together with only a look. I need to find some way to do the same, or we’re all going to be killed…and, after what I’ve seen tonight, it will probably be that damned Maltherian’s fault.
I have to find a way to keep us all alive and keep us working together until Brecht comes for us. And I have to protect Amelia. I can do this. It’s only a few week.

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CJ Session 1

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