CJ Pre-Session 1


(Erin is illiterate so she can’t keep a journal, but she tells her brother stories each night. Sometimes she tells talks to him in little bits over a several hour period. Tells him how things are going, where she’s at. His soul was never brought to rest so she knows he’s still out there somewhere. Maybe he can hear her.)

Hey Chase. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. I miss you. I think about you every day.
It’s been a year now since I’ve been with the patrol. It’s been strange. So many people in so small a space, all together, all the time. I think mom may have ruined me for city life. I’ve been antsy I think since the day I got here. Not a day’s gone by I haven’t felt the need to get moving again.

But it hasn’t been what I thought it’d be either.

The patrol. It’s like. . . I don’t know it’s like the family we should have grown up with. I’ve made friends here. That’s something I thought I’d never have. When I got caught I thought everything was over. The scars on my hands were like prison bars. But I guess I can adapt after all. I’ve actually come to see them as brothers. I wish you could have known them. I feel safe for the first time in so long, knowing I’ve finally got someone watching my back for a change. I don’t have to be alone any more.
And the work. . . well. It’s not taking us as far enough from the cities as I’d like, but I’m moving again. And that’s good. And it’s got to be a just matter of time before our Animus either gives up and heads home or gets herself killed. So hey! We won’t cling to the capitol forever!

Sorry. I shouldn’t joke about that. If there had been an animus around when you died. . . well. Even a bad Animus is an Animus I guess. Could have used one then, huh?

Wish you could meet Liam. He’s marked and we’re taking him to the Island. He reminds me a lot of you. If I believed there were still Gods, I’d pray he’ll last long enough to get there. I like him. A lot. But there are times when I look at him and I picture what happened with mom and I have to turn and leave because I can’t stand the thought of having to kill him too if he were to turn. I have brother’s here. And I know I shouldn’t think it, but I hope it’s one of them that has to face if the time comes.
I hope it isn’t me.


It rained all night last night, I haven’t slept well in days. It is a quite different being out in the world. Leaving the training center of the Temple behind me; I find it difficult to work with the local population. They are frightened of my lineage, not that I blame them, I am also frightened by it.

I can feel the power course through my veins when I casts. It seems that it is the only time I truly feel alive. I have notice that when I think about casting magic my eyes fill with power and they change to a bright glowing blood red. This didn’t used to happen when training at the Temple.

The first light of the sun is just starting to bring the world into day and in the distance I hear a rumble of drums mixed with screams floating, hanging, and grasping in the air,I must stop writing now, there is work to do.

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CJ Pre-Session 1

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