Ashen Dreams

Session 4 - The Village of Munson

As the sun rose, Brecht addressed the survivors of the previous night’s battle and provided what encouragement he could while stressing the importance of the two missions at hand. He and his group of veterans would make haste to the nearest outpost to alert High Temple of the possible threat while the rest would go to the nearby town of Munson with the remaining Marked to fortify the village and protect the civilians there from possible attack.

En-route, tension began to build among the Numerian as some were reluctant to accept Brynn, their Flame Brother as their new, if temporary, leader. Flynn, the numerian that the party rescued from the Hollow encampment the previous night began o harass the Marked, viewing them as little better and as dangerous as what they were fighting. Dutifully, Brynn stepped up to protect the Marked and Marcus backed her up. Fearing the two, Flynn backed down, but began to speak in hushed tones with the other numerian, Tanner in particular.

Along the road, Erin and Liam discovered an abandoned merchant’s wagon that showed signs of struggle and bloodshed. Strangely, the cargo of alcohol was untouched.

That night, the group camped in the shelter of some ancient ruins near a quartet of statues to the ancient gods. The statue of Hoernier had been defaced and a small shrine had been set up at its feet. the base of the shrine had a black sun-burst drawn on it and the whole scene eerily resembled Erin’s dream from the previous night.

Aside from spotting a Hollow watching their camp in the distance, the group made it to the swamp town of Munson without further incident. There they were greeted by much fanfare by the population and by Mayor Tillman and a drunken Carcerian Monk. The Justicar was reported missing for three weeks and the Mayor showed little concern.

Brynn was invited to the Mayoral Manor to discuss the current situation. He was dismissive of a Hollow attack and asked to delay any sort of announcement to the populace to avoid any possible panic. As he determined that Brynn was not a Decanus in-fact, he was about to dismiss her, but Marcus pointed out that she would be the acting Justicar in the absence of Justicar Tillman. Obviously put off by this, Fenton dismissed the duo.

The group was to be housed at the local Inn, the Tangled Net. They were greeted warmly the proprietor, a Mr. Siglin and his sole waitress, a beautiful red-haired woman by the name of Lenora. Siglin invited Brynn and her men to have a feast with him that evening.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Erin went to the Justicar’s house/office and found his journal. His last entry stated that he had gone to a nearby town that was reporting to have a surplus of food while Munson and all other towns in the area had failing crops.


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