Ashen Dreams


Untested Mettle

Ashen Dreams Prelude

“Brecht’s Misfits”. “The Orphange”. “Misfortune’s Raiders”. These are some of the names others in High Temple have come to refer to your Patrol as behind your backs and in snickering whispers. Officially, you’re called Eagle’s Tallon, 13th patrol. The less than flattering names come from the fact that your Flame Brothers (term used regardless of gender) are comprised of more repentant criminals and social misfits than any other patrol in recent history. This combined with the fact that the number 13 is universally considered an unlucky number and the complete decimation of Brecht’s previous patrol, most do not hold hope that your patrol will last long in the field. These people seemingly neglect the fact they each of you were hand-picked by the legendary Decanus, Brecht Gray Hart. Each of you is unique in your skills and background. For the past year, you have been trained in your respective roles within the safety of the walls of High Temple. For the past three months, you have worked as a team and gotten to know eachother and how to function as a unit.

Commencement from the training fields of High Tower is an anxiously anticipated moment when many young, aspiring Dawn Patrols dream of glories to be won on the battlefield and Hope to be brought to the shivering masses of the world. Unfortunately, your commencement was diminished somewhat by your first assignment and a reassignment of the Animus you have been training with.

Your patrol has been assigned a new Animus: Emilia Hynd. Emilia is the youngest daugher of the famous Pretorian, Cedric Hynd who is credited with turning back a horde of savage barbarians that nearly breached the walls of High Temple itself a decade ago. Rumor has it that Emilia’s father spent a considerable amount of gold to ensure that his daughter safely remained a Soul Tender within High Temple for the remainder of her life. He was reportedly furious when Emilia was personnally selected to become an Animus by Marius, Avatar of Gwydion. It was then that Cedric Hynd called on his Flame Brother, Brecht to serve as the Decanus for Emilia. As such, she has become your Flame Brother.

Your first field patrol will only take you two weeks travel from the Walls of High Temple. Even at the the furthest point of the route, there has not been any reported Hollow, Skag, or Neverborn Cultist activities for nearly a decade. There is little doubt that this is a result of Cedric Hynd’s influence and desire to keep his daughter out of harm’s way.

Some of the Numerian in the Patrol are angered by this as they see her privelage and her father’s protection are keeping them from gaining glory and advancement. To make matters worse, she has lived a sheltered life and is ill prepared for the rigors of life on the road, let alone to act as the spiritual leader of a Dawn Patrol. Over the past week, her constant complaints about food and sleeping arrangement quality have begun to wear on everyone’s nerves. Be that as it may, no one dares complain about her around Brecht, who would be quick to repremand and punish them for doubtnig his decicion to bring her into the Patrol.

You have spent the past two weeks on the road, visiting several towns, collecting taxes and the souls of the dead from Carcerian Temples. Five Marked have even joined the Patrol and will be commence on their pilgrimage to the Undead Asylum under your protection.

A day ago you met up with the Eagle’s Tallon 4th and the 6th patrols. The plan is to await the arrival of the 3rd patrol and then move east as a group to the Coast and the Undead Asylum…


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