When Gods Sleep…

“When all else is lost, hope is all we have, and often all we need.”

Mankind is gasping its last breaths. At one time, we ruled the world unchallenged. Blessed by our ancient gods, we thrived and flourished, the undisputed masters of all we saw. This made us prideful, arrogant, and self-serving and proved to be our downfall. Tricked by otherworldly beings later known as the Neverborn, Mankind turned our collective backs on the old gods. We soon became the slaves of the Neverborn and served them for two centuries as little more than food and chattel.

Thus debased and humbled, we finally understood our reliance on those divine beings who created us. Once again calling upon their ancient names and lead by Holy Avatars, Mankind staged a massive revolt, later known as the Great Conflagration. Though we were able to drive the Neverborn back through the Demon Gates from which they came, four of every five people were killed. Worse still, the toll of the great battle caused our beloved Gods to enter into a coma-like sleep.

Now alone, we face a bleak future in a world of ash. With the Gods slumbering, the souls of the dead fade into nothingness or return as undead thirsting for the lifeblood of the living. Cults of the Neverborn work their vile rituals in an effort to return those unknowable beings to our world. Worse still, our sun has begun to fade. Nights have grown longer, winters more harsh. Many fear that the light of Mankind is not far from being finally extinguished.

But hope still remains…

There are those who fight the darkness. Who seek a way to awaken the Gods and revitalize the sun. Who search the ruins of our once great civilization for ancient lore and the secrets to our salvation.

This is the story of a group of people thrown together in unlikely circumstances Though their backgrounds and personalities may be at odds, they share a common motivation: Their survival that that of Mankind.

The players in this game will start out as members of a Dawn Patrol, the militant faction of the Church of the New Dawn, tasked with reaping souls of the dead from the various villages in the civilized lands of Ash, locating and destroying Hollowed Undead and Neverborn Cults alike, and ensuring that faith and hope are maintained by Mankind during these dark times. The New Dawn of Mankind will come, Praise the Sun.

Notes from the GM:

This game setting and campaign has been designed by liberally taking ideas and concepts from some of my favorite books, games, and published settings as well as a healthy dose of my own creativity. Sources of significant inspiration include Dark Souls (video game), Midnight, Exaulted (table top RPG settings), and the HP Lovecraft Mythos. Some content and names are directly and unashamedly ripped off of these souces, but hey, what fantasy setting is truely unique and original? Enjoy.

Ashen Dreams

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